Vietnam is going to host the first Challenge Family triathlon event in the country. Until now, it has only been organized by two other countries in Asia, Taiwan and Philippines. The race, which is one of the biggest international sports events in the country, is going to take place in Nha Trang on September 11, 2016.

Situated in the South Coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is also known as the capital beach of the country. By coming to Nha Trang, both athletes and families will be able to enjoy the numerous tourist attractions, to taste delicious fresh seafood and getting to know a new and completely different culture. Moreover, its geography and weather conditions offer the possibility of having a remarkable course.  

Thanks to its turquoises waters, the 1.9 km swim is definitely going to be pleasant; you will not even realize and you will be done with this leg. After that, a two loop 90 km bike ride and 21 km of running. However, this leg ahead is going to be through one of the best seaside roads in Vietnam what will smooth the effort.

As said, one of the main attractions of Nha Trang are its white and sandy beaches with crystalline waters that you can enjoy and chill with your family or friends. Moreover, those who practice surf or that want to start learning will find the perfect waves. Another option to discover the Vietnamese marine world is to go adventurous with scuba diving. Finally, in case you want to take breath from the international environment and looking for more isolated spots, it is possible to take a short boat ride to one of the 19 islands nearby.

The city is characterized by its tropical and soft weather. With an average of 23°C, the temperature is usually over 20°C and it almost never surpass the 32°C. Actually, Challenge Vietnam has been set on September as it is the perfect month; plenty of sunny days and the rainy season is still to arrive.


must see


This pagoda is also known as the White Buda Temple and it was built more than 100 years ago. However, it was heavily damaged during the Vietnam War so it had to be reconstructed in 1971.


Make sure you check behind the pagoda and climb the 193 stairs, there is a huge Buddha seating on a lotus blossom. The base of the statue measures 7 metres and the the heigh is 21 metres.


This massive stone Buddha is also situated in the Long Son Pagoda and it measures 14 m long and 5 m high.


A Cham’s Kingdom temple built on the 7th and 12th centuries AD. The Po Nagar complex was constructed to honor Yang Ino Po Nagar, Mother of the Kingdom. Because of its situation on the top of a hill, 2 km north from Nha Trang and 50 km above the sea, it is a spectacular viewpoint of Nha Trang.


This is the biggest church in Nha Trang city built by the French in 1933 and constructed of simple cement blocks. It is also called as Mountain’s Cathedral because of its location in a hill which maximizes the impressive construction.

must do


A way to discover Nha Trang fomr a different angle; go trekking to one of the mountains that surround the city.


There is a wide range of water sports offer like windsurfing, kayaking, water-skiing or surfing.


Discover the marine world that you will have under you when swimming on the race day There is a large number of scubadiving centers offering different kinds of courses.


If you want to keep training, you have plenty of roads with incredible landscapes.


Go and explore the rice fields on your bike.


For those coming with kids, you can not miss one of the best theme parks in Vietnam; planty of water slides and challenging rides


The park is located in the Tre Island. Crossing to the Vinpearl complex is easy and amusing on the 3,320 meter long sea cable car. In the same Island, you will also find resorts, shopping streets and beaches.</p


After the race, you and your family or friends deserve to take a litlle pleasure. GO to one of the several spas or innovate with a typical mud bath from Nha Trang.