The race will start at the 2/4 square where participants will swim 1.9km into the warm waters of Nha Trang. As swimmers make their way into the ocean they will be leaving behind the sights of the city, the coastline, the mountain range and the islands at their back. After, a 90km cycle will follow along the coastline which passes through the resort segment of the city, the local harbour, and along the cliffs. This is said to be one of the most thrilling race courses of Vietnam while simultaneously being one of the most stunning. Finally, a 21km run along the coastline where participants will experience the cool breeze of the sea air while taking in the sights and sounds of locals and other tourists around the different resorts.

The race course and the moment of crossing the finish line will not only give you the feeling of accomplishment by succeeding in the amazing heat, but also the experience and the visual stories that you are able to piece together from your journey. Your experience at Nha Trang Challenge Vietnam 2019 will be a book of memories, together with friends and family, that you will cherish forever and never forget.


Challenge Vietnam 2019 - Swimming

Experience the 1.9km swim section of your race in Nha Trang’s beautiful warm waters and let natural elements make your swim enjoyable. As stated by one participant from the 1st edition, “Beautiful. Calm, clear and easy to navigate”.

Cut-off time: 70 mins after the last wave.

Challenge Vietnam 2019 - Bike

As you come out of the swim and enter into the transition area – center of the coastal boulevard – you are pumped up due to the environment, bikes lined up and the enthusiasm from marshalls and racers alike, to keep going strong.

Starting the 90km cycle on flat surface, you will pass through the coastal resorts where the dotting shade cast by the coconut tree will follow you along the way. You will reach your first mild incline, with the bridge that goes over the water and separates the coastal city, providing you with a view that is simply spectacular. Further along the way you pass coastal heaven sighting fishing villages, street cafes and sea side structures. Then you come to the coastal hills, that present your most demanding challenges, however the scenery they unveil will put your mind at ease.

Cut-off time: 5 hours 30 mins after the last wave.

Challenge Vietnam 2019 - Run

Once you return your bike to the transition area and enter the run you will have the warm sun on your skin however you will be carried along the way by the pleasant shades from the trees and the cool sea breeze. Two loops of this course will earn you the moment to run to the finish line where you will be greeted with the cheers and hi-fives by the spectators, organizers and loved ones. Your final task, to signify the end of your journey, is to ring the Gong. Then you can know you have achieved your goal, “WELCOME TO THE CHALLENGE FAMILY!”

Cut-off time: 9 hours after the last wave

The race will start in the central part of Nha Trang coast right accross the “2/4 Square” which is situated in 46 Trần Phú Street. Our recommendation is to take a taxi to the event site for your convenience. We encourage you to inform your hotel concierge / reception of your planned event participation so that they may arrange your transfers to and from the event site.